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Statewide Towing and Storage Consortium

 A Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation approved consortium for vehicle towing operators and storage lot operators

Several years ago when the State of Texas Legislature passed laws regulating the vehicle and storage lot operators, Houston Medical Testing Services (HMTS) was one of the first experienced consortium operators to begin assisting the vehicle towing and storage operators in meeting the challenges presented by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, the agency designated to oversee the wrecker drivers and storage lot operators in Texas. This was a natural direction for HMTS, as the company has operated one of the oldest and largest Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration trucking consortium's in the Southwest, because the new TDLR substance abuse program was modeled on the federal substance abuse program overseen by the FMCSA. HMTS has operated its FMCSA program for over 25 years, and is very proud of the fact that in over 25 years, no client ever has been fined for s substance abuse program violation, so naturally that excellent experience spills over to the Statewide Towing and Storage Consortium. 

The goal of the management of the Statewide Towing and Storage Consortium is to keep your company in full compliance with the State rules regarding your firm's substance abuse program. The consortium concept has worked extremely well for wrecker drivers and storage lot operators throughout the State of Texas. The small operator is far too busy to keep up with the rules changes and the requirements mandated by the State. So, for a very modest annual membership fee, your company can get a fully compliant and required written substance abuse policy without having to hire an attorney to provide one at far greater cost. The membership fee is based upon a sliding scale so for example, a company with 1 to 3 drivers or storage lot employees can join the STSC for an a low cost of only $144.00 per year, while a company with 4 to 12 drivers or employees can join for an annual membership fee of only $228. Membership provides you with a fully compliant written substance abuse policy. After confirmation that the employee has his or her pre-employment drug test, the person is placed in a random pool of like employees. Random selections are conducted once per month, so if the employee is selected, the authorized client contact person will be contacted and arrangements will be made by the employee to report to a convenient collection site for their drug test and/or alcohol test. In the event of a TDLR audit, our firm will assist you in every way to get you through the audit successfully as far as the substance abuse program parts are concerned. This is particularly important today, because TDLR has been on a serious campaign to increase the number of audits. Our consortium managers are highly experienced professionals who can answer your questions and assist you with becoming and staying in full compliance. Our professionals are also bi-lingual Spanish/English, and consequently we have many non or limited English speaking members. 

Our professionals are very well versed in administering successful programs, as Houston Medical Testing Services is one of the largest Third-Party Administrators in the Southwest, in business for over 28 years. And, we are particularly proud of our company having been awarded the Better Business Bureau Award for Excellence for the years 2015, 2016, and 2017. Too, our President and founder is the current Chairman of DATIA, the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association, the national industry trade organization for the entire drug and alcohol testing industry in this country. 

We invite you to contact Houston Medical Testing Services and learn more about its very successful towing and storage lot TDLR approved consortium and how we can help you.

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We're an accredited member of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry and Association (DATIA)

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