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Background Checks

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Background checks

Thorough Pre-Employment Screening

Make sure the person you are hiring is honest with their qualifications, job history, and employment background. Don't let resume fraud harm your business. Turn to the professionals at Houston Medical Testing Services for complete background check services during the pre-employment screening. We check for false information, unexplained gaps in employment, discrepancies, dates, and previous employment history.

We have the experience and knowledge needed to conduct employment verification and other background checks without any hassle. Trust a company that has been doing background checks since 1989.

Be Assured That People Are Who They Claim

Let us navigate through the court system for any history of misdemeanors, felonies, or federal offenses. Houston Medical Testing Services provides you all the accurate information you need to have before you can make a final hiring decision. We offer various services that will work with your company's needs.

81 Different Background Check Options

  • Criminal background checks
  • Employment verification
  • Social Security Number verification
  • Driving records history
  • Credit history
  • Education verification
  • Professional certification verification
  • And many others

Get Details of Your Prospective Employees in 24 Hours

It typically takes us about 24 hours to run checks for criminal, Social Security Number, driving records history, credit history, and professional certification verification. For more details on our background check services, get in touch with us today.

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